an excessive portrayal of suffering

Photos by Samantha Lange

17 - 26 January 2013
The Brick Theater
Brooklyn NY

by Milo Cramer
Directed by Morgan Green
With Caitlin Morris, Noah Schechter, and Madeline Wise
Featuring Alex Thrailkill, David Baloche, Granville Mullings, and Christian Scheider


Lights: Marika Kent
Costumes: Isabelle Coler
Set: Allison Brainard


Through a necessary battle with truth, Will (Shakespeare) tries to be sincere, fries himself an egg, joins a marching band, books extravagant trips that he knows he will ultimately cancel, and texts his mom for money. He struggles to discover financial success and artistic recognition in one and the same lifetime.

New Saloon presents an under-the-kitchen-sink drama starring great artists, their mothers and their mothers’ interns. WSM is a meditation on the comic and common anxieties of the artist: How can such a person contribute to society in any era without feeling like a dependent louse? Can artistic integrity and the American dream coexist?