26 – 27 May 2014
Flamboyán Theatre
New York NY


text by Anton Chekhov
rearranged by New Saloon
with Milo Cramer, Morgan Green, Ronald Peet, Sarah Tolan-Mee, and Madeline Wise
and dramaturgy by Elliot B. Quick


New Saloon carves, annotates, and super-imposes Anton Chekhov's oeuvre to create a new play. Multiple translations of Uncle Vanya play at once, instances of drunkenness, love, and despair are mashed together in rapid-fire catalogs, while Chekhov's dialogue is stripped down to stage-direction-poetry: "I’m thirty-five and already worn out;" "You’re sixty years old, medicine won’t help;" "I’m twenty-four, I've been working all this time, and my brain has shriveled up." "(Weeps) (Tenderly) (Trembling) (Furious) (Weeps)." Problems that faced the collapsing Russian gentility of the late 19th century feel eerily relevant to twenty-somethings today.