20 – 29 March 2014
The Brick
Brooklyn NY


written by Milo Cramer
directed by Morgan Green
choreographed by Philip Berezney
with Maxwell Cosmo Cramer, Lucy Kaminsky, Keilly McQuail, Ronald Peet, Evan William Smith, Annie Tippe, and Madeline Wise

An existential sitcom about co-dependency and stagnation, I’M MISERABLE BUT CHANGE SCARES ME explores the ways we use language to use each other. At times raucously quirky, at times startlingly tragic, I'M MISERABLE magnifies multiple elements of relationships. It's a play about lies, truths, and misunderstandings. The characters weave through performances of self as they address issues of love, fear, and designer denim. Baby would rather have a near-death allergic reaction than a semi-awkward lunchtime chat; Mom and Dad get divorced but still live together and are still married; Pigman and Dog switch names, wardrobes, and personalities back and forth until they can’t keep track. Featuring rapid confessional dialogue and choreography that alternates between the hyper-colloquial and the ritualistic, I’M MISERABLE BUT CHANGE SCARES ME is a grotesque and whimsical family circus.

“The play is a little absurd, a little avant-garde, a little funny, and it might make you a little uncomfortable — in a good way.”
— Sophie Gandler, Unveiled Arts