10-27 January 2018

New Saloon's CUTE ACTIVIST by Milo Cramer
presented by the Bushwick Starr, with Clubbed Thumb

Directed by Morgan Green

with David Greenspan, Ronald Peet, and Madeline Wise

coffee & wine.jpg

CUTE ACTIVIST is a playfully fabulist, wildly satirical, anti-romantic comedy, that asks questions about the way activism fits – or doesn’t fit – into our daily lives. In a spooky town in mythical Connecticut where inequality reigns, and activists wield an awesome, sorcery-like power, a shadowy ring of part-time waitresses part-time rebels do battle with a baroque and tyrannical local Landlorde.

Music by Deepali Gupta
Set Design by Meredith Ries
Lighting Design by Cha See
Sound/Video by John Gasper
Puppets by Amanda Villalobos
Costumes by Sabrina Guillaume
Props by Cheyanne Williams

New Saloon Producer: Caroline Gart
New Saloon Assistant Producer: Ryan Gedrich
Stage Manager: Violet Tafari
Production Manager: Russell Maclin
Assistant Director: Emily Moler